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    1. Exchange our sincere smile for customer satisfaction with our service;

    2. Satisfactory service from an outstanding team;

    3. Exploit, innovate, and seek development based on the market; serve users with heart;

    4. Loving one's job, being realistic and innovative, serving attentively, and striving for the forefront courageously;

    5. Enterprise development, service-oriented; outstanding service, integrity-based;

    6. All for customers, for all customers, for all customers.

    7. People-oriented, customer-oriented, superb service, and strive for the forefront;

    8. Ensure service quality and meet customer needs;

    9. Treat each other with sincerity, exceed customer needs; serve wholeheartedly, and provide customers with more.

    10. Smile, speed, integrity, skill, technology;

    11. Meticulous, thoughtful, perfect and perfect;

    12. First serve, then manufacture;

    13. Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit;

    14. We insist on being customer-oriented and consumer-oriented. Achieving customers and satisfying consumers' needs are the value of our company's existence. Service creates value, service wins respect, service builds brand.


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